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9 Oct





Today in school, we had our first fire drill of the year. Although it was unexpected, all the students reacted immediately, leaving everything behind them. They left the building quickly and calmly and then lined up at the agreed meeting spot for the class teachers to do a headcount. Well done everyone!

There are some really good websites with fantastic activities to help kids to learn about fire safety – even more important than usual coming up to Hallowe’en!

In no particular order, here’s our top 5: – this one is more suitable for younger children, but covers the basic rules in a really child-friendly way with good posters and a nice quiz. The family zone on the same website is quite good for tips. – this one has some nice printables for activities, including a checklist for fire safety at home. There’s also a section on fire engines for any kids who has particular interest in the work of fire fighters. Just to note that this is an American site (as are some of the others) and that it lists the emergency number as 911 instead of the Irish 999 or 112. – not to play favourites but this is a great one! Plenty of activities for  lots of age groups and a ‘secret game’ that can only be unlocked when you answer questions about fire safety correctly. a lovely mix of activities for older children – a really cool one to answer specific questions about the work of a fire fighter!

At the time of writing this post, I couldn’t find a stand-out Irish fire safety site, but this one has been launched since. Thanks to @NiamhDhubhghail for pointing it out to us!

For the treatment of burns and scalds, the give good advice here!

Any recommendations for good sites? We’d love to share even more of them!



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