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13 Apr

Recently, 1st to 5th classes took part in the Write A Book project with Blackrock Education Centre. 2nd class were very excited to get their books back and we’re very proud of Leon, who was awarded the Merit prize and will collect his certificate in a fortnight’s time at the presentation. Our books were about lots of different topics – from boxing, to animals, to mermaids, to aliens – and lots more! It’s a great achievement to finish these books and we’re very proud of all our hard work!  

1 Apr

Last night, four of our students went to Killiney Castle Hotel for the Write A Book awards! Casey from 2nd class, Luke from 4th, Ben from 5th and Kyle from 6th were very excited to receive their medals and certificates from Pat Seaver from the Blackrock Education Centre and Mary Mitchell O’Connor, TD. Casey’s story was called ‘Bullies Never Win’ and had a beautiful theme of friendship and loyalty. You can read her story here. Luke’s story was called ‘The Dwarven City of Dishea’ – a story to give the Hobbit a run for its money! Ben’s story was... 

26 Mar

Hi bloggers around the world, today we found out that one of the boys in our class won the Write a Book Project for our class. We have been waiting a long time to hear who the winner was. It was Luke C and he gets to go to a hotel in Killiney next Monday at 5pm to collect his prize. Luke was VERY HAPPY when he found out that he was the winner. Everybody in the class gave him a big round of applause. He is allowed to bring two guests with him to the presentation. Mr. Foley and another guest are going  to the presentation with him. The name of his book was “The Dwarven City of Dishea”.... 

3 Mar


26 Feb

Wow! We have great blogging and twitter friends. One of our favourite friends (called Summer Buzz) has flown onto our blog with a message for all of you. Some of the students wanted to share what they are reading with Summer Buzz! Here are the names of the books that some of 2nd Class are reading at home. 1. Dean D is reading a book all about Mojang and the discovery of Minecraft! 2. Dean T is reading Doctor Seuss on the Loose! 3. Codie is reading Five Kids and It! 4. Kayden is reading a non-fiction book about dinosaurs. 5. Casey is reading Pinocchio. 6. Abbi is reading Diary of a Wimpy Kid ‘Dog... 

24 Feb

Some very excited St. Peter’s students with their finished books! Well done to the boys and girls who completed the Write-A-Book project just before the midterm break. We were delighted with the standard of the finished books and we hope that the students are really proud of the work done. This is the first time we have participated in the project and we really enjoyed it. Our books have now been sent to other schools and teachers for correction. We are also lucky enough to have the chance to read the work of children from other local schools as part of the project! One book from each class... 

7 Feb


6 Feb


4 Feb

We have used StoryBird to show three more stories brought to life on our blog. Well done to Abbi, Billy and Jamie in 2nd Class!  

29 Jan

2nd Class have spent a lot of time on their Write-A-Book projects since we came back to school in January. We have drawn pictures for them and bound them but we also decided to put them up on the blog using our new favourite web tool, StoryBird. Here are some of our stories, we hope you like them!