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19 Jan

We have been busy designing and making our own puppets in Senior Infants to help us understand the forces of pushing and pulling. We used paper cups, tissue paper, felt pieces, lollipop sticks and smiley faces to make our puppets. We use them by pushing and pulling. We experimented with our designs to make sure that they worked properly.  We had lots of fun making our puppets and want to say a big thanks to Liam who made sure that we all got to use some colourful hair to make our puppets look extra special! 🙂  

14 Jan

Senior Infants have been busy building with blocks, Lego and straws. The boys and girls are very creative and have designed some really interesting things! Tristan and Gary used colourful Lego blocks to create their own house and Brooke used lots of straws to make her own climbing frame. Well done! We can’t wait to see what you will build next!  

4 Dec

Junior and Senior Infants are doing the play “Whoops-A-Daisy Angel,” together for Christmas. The play will be on Tuesday the 16th of December at 1:00p.m. We can’t wait to see all the Mams, Dads, Grannies, Grandads, Aunties, Uncles, brothers and sisters there! The front row are angels in the play, the row behind them are snowflakes. We have been having lots of fun practising with our teachers. We have lots of songs to sing and we know them all really well! Some boys and girls are learning lines at home. A big thank you to all the Mums, Dads and grandparents helping us learn our... 

22 Sep

Senior Infants We are the new Senior Infant class in St Peter’s! There are 8 boys and 3 girls and our teacher is Ms V. Brennan. Five things we love in our class: Our reading corner Our play­ area and games Our bright and colourful classroom. Story­time and singing. Art, Gaeilge, and P.E. Three things we are looking forward to this year: Learning lots of new things. G.A.A Christmas in St. Peter’s. Our Favourite T.V Shows: Spongebob Squarepants Peppa Pig The Simpsons Barbie in the Dreamhouse. Our Favourite Movies: Lego Movie Muppets Most Wanted Rio 2 Our Class Mascot: Marty... 

27 Aug

From this… The 2013-2014 line-up! …to this! The 2014-2015 line-up, with over 60 new pupils, including infants and girls! Well, here we are! Back again to St. Peter’s for another exciting year, one we hope will stand up as one of the best as we welcome back so many familiar faces, and celebrate the arrival of so many new students! After a year of great change and excitement, we opened our doors to over 90 new pupils today, moving from being a senior boys school (with a mixed 2nd Class), to a fully tiered, mixed school. We’re delighted to have Junior, Senior and First Class...