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7 Apr

We have been working really hard up in sixth class on our science blast project! Our question was ‘Does the loss of one of your senses impact the information you take in?’ We have done loads of experiments to find out the answer.

We held a science fair in the hall yesterday and every class came to see our stands.

Stand 1: Optical Illusions- we had loads of different optical illusions and asked every child what they could see. This is all about the brain tricking our eyes to see multiple things.

Stand 2: We did an eating experiment where we blocked certain senses to see if food tasted different, and it definitely did!

Stand 3: We filmed videos and did a ‘spot the difference’ (infants were brilliant at finding the differences)

Stand 4: The science of the brain, eyes and ears.

6th had such a lovely day showing off all the hard work they’ve done. We hope all the classes enjoyed too ☺️

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