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10 Mar

We have been learning all about plants in 5th class. We learned that plants need water, light and the right temperature in order to grow. We decideded to investigate this.

First, we labelled four pots to show the conditions that we would leave this plant in. We looked at sunlight and water.

  1. This plant would be watered daily and left in the sunlight.
  2. This plant would be left in the sunlight but would receive no water.
  3. This plant would be watered, but left in the cupboard so it would not receive any sunlight.
  4. This plant would not be watered and would be left in the cupboard so that it would also get no sunlight.

We predicted how our plants would grow.

We planted cress seeds in each pot and then we were ready to put our plants in their places.

We checked our cress seeds each day and watered the plants that required water. After two days we started to notice some changes!

The plant that was watered but got no sunlight had grown! We looked closer and noticed that the plant was not green, but yellow! We compared this too the plant that has sunlight and water and saw that this plant was much greener. We predicted that plants need sunlight in order to grow a green colour!

The other two plants showed no signs of growth.

Three days later, we noticed more changes in our plants!

Lots of growth!

The plant with sunlight and water had grown much taller!

The plant with water and no sunlight had grown too, but it was still yellow!

The plant with sunlight but no water did not show any signs of growth.

The plants with no sunligt and no water also did not show any signs of growth.

Our investigation showed that plants need both sunlight and water for healthy growth!

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