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22 Nov

As you will all know by now, our school is participating in the Creative Schools programme.

We are excited to be moving to the next stage of the programme after working hard to collect information from students, parents and staff about what creativity means to each group, how we already take part in creative activities and what we can do to improve our school’s approach to creativity.

A huge thank you to all for your responses, they have been really helpful in deciding how we should move forward in the programme!

Our students are currently considering the possibility of creating an outdoor learning space in our school. It’s very important that the ‘student voice’ leads our new initiative as this space will be an area for their learning to take place.

Here are some considerations that our students are taking to account:

If you have time to discuss some ideas with your children at home or any ideas that you think could work in an outdoor learning space, please don’t hesitate to get involved 😊

We are looking forward to seeing our ideas come to life over the next few months!

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