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15 Nov

We conducted three experiments in 5th class for Science Week 2021.

Experiment 1: To investigate the influence of different liquids on a hard boiled egg shell that will act as tooth enamel.

We placed four hard boiled eggs into bowls with either milk, apple juice, vinegar and coca-cola. We left the eggs to sit in the liquid for the duration of the week before removing them.

We were surprised that the apple juice egg looked worse than the coca-cola egg! The egg that was in the vinegar was shriveled up and wrinkly!

Experiment 2: We investigated the growth of bacteria on bread.

First, we picked different people to help with the experiment. One person washed their hands in the sink before placing a slice of bread into a zip-lock bag. Another person sanitised their hands before placing in a different slice of bread. Then, we had someone without washing or sanitising their hands to place bread into a different bag. Finally we took a slice outside into the yard and placed it on the ground before it went into a bag, and another on the classroom floor.

We allowed the bread to hang in the bags on the wall for a week. Here are the results.

Unwashed hands and sanitised hands.
Washed hands, classroom floor and outside in the yard bread.

We were surprised there was not as much bacteria growth on the bread from the yard!

Experiment 3: Mixing substances: Coca-cola and Milk

First we got a bottle of coke and took off the label so we could see the contents clearly. Then, we slowly added milk to the bottle of coca-cola. We mixed it up and let it sit for a week. We expected the coke to turn clear as the milk is supposed to attach itself to the acid in the cola, giving it a clear look.

From our results, you can see that the coca-cola did not go completely clear, but we were very impressed with what we saw!


As well as our classroom experiments, we took part in STEM4Fun in the hall. We worked in groups to take part in different STEM activities.

5th Class STEM4Fun

At one of the stations, we had to try to make a Pringle Wheel! We all tried really hard but only one group succeeded!

Well done 5th class!

2 Responses to “Science Week in 5th Class”

  1. Bernie carton
    11:19 pm on November 15th, 2021

    Well done guys

  2. Mr Vance
    12:06 pm on November 16th, 2021

    Well done 5th class on completing the pringles wheel challenge!

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