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14 Nov

STEM activity 1:

We started of Science week by seeing if there was any link between our favorite colour and our favorite taste.

We began by making a pictogram using gummy bears to show the votes of the classes favorite colours. Take a look:

After this, we tasted some fresh jellies and decided on which one was our favorite to taste. We talked about different ways we could make this graph and decided that a block graph was the quickest. Here are our results:

We were surprised that there was no link between our taste and favorite color as we had predicted there would be.

STEM activity 2:

We then decided we wouldn’t waste the left over jellies so we did another experiment. We discussed what might happen a jelly if we left it in water overnight. We chose 3 jellies and put them in a cup of water and we also left another 3 jellies in cup without water so we could use them to compare our results against in the morning. Here are some of our predictions:

We were shocked to see how big the jellies we left in water grew overnight. We learn all about ‘osmosis’. Take a look at what we saw:

One Response to “Science Week in First Class”

  1. Mr Vance
    12:02 pm on November 16th, 2021

    I can’t believe how big the jelly Babies in water got either!!

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