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12 Apr

Since 3rd class returned to school last month, after 3 months of at home learning, they were eager to get going again and to learn lots of new information.

We started learning about procedural writing in literacy ✏️ As a whole class, we wrote a detailed procedure of how to make a paper aeroplane. Then, we followed the instructions to see if they made sense and if we could make an aeroplane from what we had written and of course tested the planes outside. ✈️

Later in the week, we wrote about how to make chocolate nests 🍫. We wrote our instructions and then followed them to make the nests, just in time for Easter. Our finishing touches were an egg and a little chick on top 🐥.

We created beautiful daffodil drawings, all using the same technique but all looking completely different and unique 💐.

We also created these lovely jars which we sponged paint on to create an Easter print on the outside. We created little Easter signs for and put small Easter eggs in them 🐇🥚.

Finally, we enjoyed a pizza party that we won from spinning the wheel during lock down 🍕.

One Response to “3rd class are back and busy”

  1. Mr Vance
    1:14 pm on April 27th, 2021

    You looked like you all had a great month back!!

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