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12 Oct

We got a great start to Maths Week in first class by finding 2D shapes in the classroom. Each group got a different shape that they had to search for in the room! Take a look at what we found:

We then made some 2D monsters with the new shapes we had learnt about. Take a look at our creations:

2 Responses to “Maths Week in 1st Class”

  1. Ms. Sexton
    10:00 pm on October 12th, 2020

    Well done 1st class! I love your shape monsters – they’re so creative!

  2. Mr. Foley
    6:32 pm on October 14th, 2020

    Great job First Class, the monsters are cool. It’s funny how many 2-D shapes are all around us every day, you found loads!

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