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24 Jun

We have reached the last challenge in June and as we have just about completed the school year, we are looking for students to send us in a photo or video of themselves completing a task or challenge that they have worked hard to achieve. It can be a race, painting, jigsaw, winning a cup, a school project or something else. Ms Sexton and Ms Wemyss describe what they are proud of achieving. Hard work is always its own reward! Thanks to everyone who has sent in videos or photos for the June challenges. We have loved seeing them. Best of luck in the competition at the end of the week.

Ms Wemyss says “One challenge that I completed was learning how to knit. I have always wanted to learn but could never quite get the hang of it! Over the past few weeks, I have been doing a little each day to improve my skills. Hopefully it’ll be a scarf by the time we get back to school!”

Ms Sexton’s challenge is wedding cakes! She says “I did a course a few years ago on decorating cakes and since then, I’ve made a few wedding cakes for friends and family – and I made my own! I find it a real challenge because I always want to try to make them look perfect. There’s a lot of organisation making so many cakes – time, ingredients, equipment – and a lot of washing up. The decorating is the part that I always find most difficult because I’m never sure if it looks ok. This is where I need other people to tell me when to stop working on it! Then, I have to take it apart and box it up to move it to the wedding venue. This is the nerve wracking part in case we hit a pothole or have to hit the brakes quickly. The one in the pictures below was in Tyrone – that’s a long drive with a wedding cake in the car! But I love doing them and it makes me proud watching the couple cut their wedding cake!”

This great student has worked really hard on her schoolwork as her challenge!

3 Responses to “Challenge 8”

  1. Paddy
    4:54 pm on June 24th, 2020

    Brilliant Ms. Wemyss and Ms. Sexton.

  2. Leann Plunkett
    5:03 pm on June 25th, 2020

    Super well done everyone

  3. Bernie carton
    5:17 pm on June 30th, 2020

    Grace says thanks u

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