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25 May

Last week 3rd class had the tricky STEM challenge of designing and building a model that represented a rule that they follow at home! This included any chores they may have.

They had to plan it out first, design it, make it and test that it worked. Then, make any changes to the model before sending it to me.

As usual, I was blown away by their imaginative and creative ideas. Check out the pictures below to see what some of 3rd class do at home for their parents 😁

Well done 3rd class, brilliant ideas!

This model explains that homework must be completed everyday at the table

This model represents how the bed must be dressed every morning

A wonderful model of a dishwasher, which includes movable racks and cutlery! He must load and empty the dishwasher everyday.

This model is a hoover representing how she must hoover her bedroom every week.
A model of no shoes allowed inside!

This is a model showing how the table must be set before every meal time.

2 Responses to “3rd Class STEM Challenge: Design a model that reflects a house rule.”

  1. Mr Vance
    9:45 pm on May 25th, 2020

    You’re a very creative bunch of third class students. Well done everyone.

  2. Ms. Sexton
    11:05 am on May 26th, 2020

    Such fantastic ideas – so much creativity from such a brilliant class! I think the dishwasher is amazing!

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