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12 May

This year, Mr. Foley’s group showed us just how good they were at baking and cooking! Every Wednesday, the group turned into “The BC Crew”, which stands for the Baking and Cooking Crew!

We loved when Wednesday would come around because we would get to cook or bake, and the food was always really tasty. It was great to work together to prepare different meals each week, all under the watchful eye of Liz!

Each week, the first thing we did was wash our hands. Once we had all the ingredients out on the table, we took turns washing and cutting the different ingredients. As we read the recipe, we had to be very careful to put in just the right amount of each ingredient. To do this, we used grams and millilitres when we were measuring out the amounts. We also used different sized spoons and a weighing scales too. The spoons were a little tricky because some people were able to fit more onto a spoon than others. We decided that, where possible, we would use standardised measurements to make sure that we were each putting in the same amounts.

If it was a week where we were baking something, we had to check the temperature of the oven, as well as measuring how long we left the food in the oven.

The best part was when we got to try our food! We also made sure to give some to our mainstream teachers as a treat. They were always delighted when we brought the food up to them! Some of us tried the recipes at home with our families. We loved baking and cooking, and it was brilliant to see just how important the skills learned in Maths helped us with our cooking.

When all the food was eaten, the final thing to do was to clean up and make sure the kitchen was left like we found it. Once our hands were washed at the end we returned to class each week to recount all the steps we had taken.

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