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20 Dec

Our questions were –Which liquid will cause our candy cane to disappear the fastest?

To conduct our experiment, we needed: 3 plastic cups, 3 candy canes, vinegar, warm water and cold water.

We labelled our 3 clear cups and then filled the cups with warm water, cold water and vinegar.

Then, we made predictions. We thought the vinegar would make the candy cane disappear because it was smelly!

We voted to put the “hook” side of the candy cane down so that more of the candy was in the liquid.

We put one candy cane in each cup and watched to see what would happen.

Within 2 minutes all three candy canes were starting to turn the water pink or red. It was definitely magic!

We observed the three cups and compared the reactions. Within 25 minutes, we had our results and we could determine if our predictions were correct or correct.

The cup with the warm water was the first liquid to make the candy cane completely disappear and dissolve.

The vinegar cup was the first liquid to remove all the red from the candy cane.

The cold water removed the colour and disappeared but more slowly than other two liquids.

Next, we recorded our observations and results. We learned lots of new vocabulary words such as dissolve, prediction, result.

After our experiment……we found the quickest way to make a candy cane disappear is to eat it!!!

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