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12 Mar

5th and 6th class pupils are currently taking part in the Junior Entrepreneur Programme and have been working hard over the past few months to learn about what it takes to set up and run your own business! We have learned about the qualities that it takes to become an entrepreneur and the different aspects to running a business, from marketing, finance and product/ service design.

We worked in groups to develop possible business ideas and pitched them in the Dragon’s Den! Mr. Foley and Brian, a guest entrepreneur, listened to our ideas. Teamwork and communication were key during our presentations and the dragons gave us all feedback and chose which business idea would go forward into production in each class. We were delighted to hear such positive feedback on all the ideas we presented!

We were also lucky enough to have a business person visit us to discuss how to set up a business, what types of costs are associated with running a business and what motivates them to continue to develop their product. Christy came to speak with us about his hugely successful business, Beverly Hills Formula! We were very interested to hear about how his business has grown and what types of people work with him on his team. He told us to remember that you must have a unique idea to develop and be able to/ enjoy talking to people. We had the opportunity to ask him a variety of questions and he very kindly answered all of them! We were encouraged to hear that entrepreneurs often like hiring recent college graduates with ICT skills, so we’ll bare this mind in future!

Check out our interview taking place in these photos:

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