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26 Apr

In Senior Infants we were learning all about what happens to the flowers and plants in Spring time.

We decided to grow our very own little seed pots in our classroom.

First we had a class discussion on:

  1. What does a plant need to grow?
  2. Are any of these things more important than the others?
  3. What happens if a plant doesn’t get enough water, heat, light or food?
  4. Can a plant get too much of a good thing? What might happen if it does?
  5. How similar are plants to people? What do we need if we’re going to grow up strong?




Plant pots

A bag of compost


Our Instructions 

  1. Place soil in the cup and make a small hole for your seeds.
  2. Add seeds into the cup.
  3. Cover seeds.
  4. Water seeds
  5. Place in sunlight

To helped our plants to grow,  we moved them around the classroom to help keep them in the sun light.

Here are our photos of us planting and growing our seeds. We also measured our stems every day to see if they have grown.

Here we are putting our soil and seeds into our pots.

We watered our flower pots  at the start and at the end of every day.

We went on a Spring Nature walk to see the new plants and buds on the leaves, this walk really helped us to see different kinds of plants as they start to grow.



FINALLY,  after a few weeks our seeds had grown and filled out pots. Just in time to be taken home for St. Patrick’s Day.




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