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16 Jun

We have experimented with baking and cooking this year, overall, I think we have some budding chefs in the 6th Class Classroom! I’m not sure if many of the tasty treats made it all the way home for parents to taste!

Throwback to the time we got so engrossed in our science experiment and (with a broken clock!) managed to spend an extra 15 minutes in school…every pupil’s dream!!

Halloween was a lot of fun with great art projects like these! The class created 3 full- size creatures to terrify the guests at the Halloween Disco! (I’m not too sure how James feels about being the monster model in this snap…!)

What an amazing memory that will stay with us for a long time! Spending weeks measuring our own feelings and emotions, and comparing these statistics with differing weather conditions was all worth it to be given a fantastic report and award by none other than Evelyn Cusack!

The final result of weeks of hard work!! I could not have been more proud or impressed with the children’s diligent efforts and amazing manners and presentation skills on the day. They really did the school proud.

We have gone on some really fun trips this year, most notably to Sealife! Look at how enthralled Dylan is with the stingray! (or is the stingray enthralled with Dylan?!) Having an aquarium in the classroom for a few weeks was also another exciting treat!

I can’t forget to mention all of the amazing sports trips we have been on (with great thanks to Paddy and to John for training us)! Rain or shine, the Peter’s boys and girls were out doing us proud several times this year, always with a great attitude and super team work!

6th Class is a huge year as we spend a lot of time preparing for the celebration of Confirmation. This image from the Service of Light only gives a snapshot of the amazing art produced by the children. What you can’t see or hear here is the children’s amazing behaviour on the day and the beautiful singing and readings from the pupils. A really nice memory and a terrific day all round!

We have had some fun in the classroom, for example using marshmallows to create 3D shapes! Some really impressive work, even an octahedron was made!! (I am still finding mini-marshmallows everywhere in the classroom…!)

When the kids earned a thousand points we had a great day making and eating pizzas and watching movies! Some terrific chefs in the 6th Class Classroom, future careers are being forged!

A shout out to the three children who showed up to school the day after Confirmation!! Well, I thought they deserved a treat so off we went to Lidl to buy lots of goodies for a movie afternoon!

6th Class are so lucky to be able to experience the new Computer room/Library before they leave for Secondary school! It is really fun to explore and learn using interactive methods and the kids LOVE it!

What an amazing day spent at the park just last week! Thanks to Paddy for setting up lots of fun activities, a great day had and a lovely memory made.

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