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4 Dec

Last Monday morning, when Jerry and Nathan from 2nd class went to the classroom library to choose a book, they noticed something very unusual – a penguin!


We spent the day wondering what was going on and asking everyone who came into the classroom if they were responsible for leaving him there. On Tuesday, we noticed that the penguin had moved and found himself the letter P. It turned out he was trying to tell us something!  

The mystery was solved during Tuesday morning when our good friend, Summer Buzz, tweeted us to ask how her little friend was getting on! Suddenly it made sense why we found the penguin in the library – Buzz loves to read! She told us that Páidí loves to read and to make friends and that he wouldn’t get up to too many tricks if we kept him occupied with books! Tristan started the ball rolling by reading to Páidí during breaktime…

2014-12-03 10.59.30



When it was time to head home. Lana and Ava made Páidí comfortable for the night with a cushion and a book.

2014-12-03 17.48.06


On Wednesday morning, something very exciting happened! Páidí got post from Summer Buzz. We guessed it was from Buzz because of the cool stickers on the outside of the envelope!

2014-12-04 10.41.29


Inside, we found a letter to Páidí and lots of stickers of Buzz for Páidí to give out whenever our class read to him or write about him. Buzz also wrote that she hopes that 2nd class will write little notes to Páidí and to Buzz. We’ve set up an envelope for all our notes to Buzz. Maddy started us off this afternoon with a lovely letter to Buzz, reassuring her that we’re taking good care of Páidí.

2014-12-04 10.42.46


We even put a sticker on Páidí to remind us to read to him whenever we get a chance.2014-12-04 10.46.01


Patrick, Des and Emanuele found a poem in ‘Commotion in the Ocean’ about penguins. Maybe we should learn it tomorrow so that we can pretend to be penguins and stop Páidí from getting homesick?

2014-12-04 14.26.23

Ms Whyte suggested that her elf at home gets up to mischief when he gets hungry so we think we need to learn more about penguins so that we know how to take care of him. Do you know where penguins live?

We can’t wait to see what Páidí gets up to next!

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