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17 Nov

As you know, St Peter’s really enjoyed taking part in the Mathletes Challenge last year, and we were delighted to win Best Primary School in Leinster, and we’ve been very involved in promoting Khan Academy and Mathletes to other schools and teachers. Although only the senior classes can take part in Mathletes, 2nd class have been involved in a really exciting project recently trying out the Early Math content on Khan Academy.

So far, we’ve been trying it out in stations during maths class. It was difficult to navigate the site at first, but now that we’re used to it, we’ve been enjoying the content. We particularly like the avatars and the way that they grow as we earn more points. We made a podcast about our impressions of Khan Academy. Check out a few of our photos and a Vine of us working together to learn below.

2014-11-11 12.01.58

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