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12 Mar

From our vault, a previously unpublished post from the boys in  Fourth Class, with pictures to follow. Enjoy!

Welcome bloggers.  Today in our class Calvin brought in two special visitors, his two pet turtles called Zig and Zag. Zig was the bigger one and Zag was the smaller one. We put them into a bowl of water. Zag floated at the top of the water and Zig sank to the bottom. Zig swam fast under the water.

Calvin told us that “Zig prefers water and Zag hates water. He prefers land.” Zig even tried to swim in a tiny puddle of water in his container. We learned that turtles have tails. We noticed when Zag was in the water that his tail went up in the air.

Calvin also told us that “they eat little pellets that dissolve in the water”. He has to feed them about seven or eight pellets every night. He looks after them on his own.

We put Zig and Zag in a race between our Maths books. They climbed on top of each other instead of racing! Calvin told us that the turtles try and escape from the container.

We took photos of Zig and Zag. Some of us, including Mr. Foley, got to hold them. When Mr. Foley was holding them he said they felt weird when they crawled on his skin. We washed our hands afterwards.

We were very excited to see Zig and Zag. We’ll give the last word to Calvin – “Hope you had fun reading this, and I hope you get a turtle for Christmas!”.

By Calvin, Jack B, Dylan W, Ryan, Luke, Carl, Alex, Jack J, Stephen, Abhishek, Tommy, Dylan M, and Mason.


2 Responses to “Zig and Zag visit Fourth Class!”

  1. Aoibheann (Scoil an Clochain)
    4:07 pm on March 12th, 2014

    Wow that must have been a super show and tell! My teacher thought Zig and Zag might have been the aliens she used to watch on tv, she was very excited! She has told us she will let us listen to her very first ‘tape’ ever tomorrow, it was by Zig and Zag!!!

  2. Nathan o'B
    2:39 pm on March 13th, 2014

    I think that zig and zag are so funny and so hilarious. Zig won the race in our class!

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