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15 Jan

Our project asked the question ‘which slime is the strongest?’ We made two types of slime – one was with borax, PVA glue and water. The second was made from cornflour and water. The cornflour slime didn’t work because it just stayed as a liquid but the borax stretched well.


We found the instructions online but if we were making the cornflour slime again, we’d use less water and more cornflour. We made slime in 2nd class and it was really strong. We think if we made more of the borax slime, it would work better. We also could have added food colouring to make it look more like slime.


Our favourite part of the project was squeezing and pulling the slime. We enjoyed talking to the judges and it was a really good day. We weren’t too nervous because we knew our project really well.

Thanks for reading about it,

Jamie, Robert, Sky and Sam

3 Responses to “Virtual Science Fair: Which slime is the strongest?”

  1. sam smith
    1:14 pm on January 16th, 2014

    Great experiment lads! Which slime felt the weirdest?

  2. Aaron gray
    1:28 pm on January 16th, 2014

    Great work. Which slime was the strongest?

  3. Dean
    3:06 pm on January 16th, 2014

    WOW! that is cool

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