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6 Nov

Hello bloggers, we hope you are enjoying the blog. We are doing Science Projects at the moment, and so are Fifth and Sixth Class. For this, we got into groups of three and four. We were given time to decide both our groups and our projects. Mr. Foley was impressed how quickly and quietly we did this.

We have five groups in the class. After we were in our groups we were discussing what sort of Science Project we should do. All of us have different kinds of projects. Each group agreed on what we are doing. We have five different experiments, including dinosaurs, spiders, space, birds and the ocean.

Over the next three weeks we are going to start our projects and have them finished for December 3rd to show everyone. A judge will be coming into our school to look at Fourth, Fifth, and Sixth class’ projects. We feel sorry for Second and Third because they can’t do it but they’ll take part in the next few years.

We hope we learn loads about our projects and we can tell our parents at home, and we hope we will have great fun. All of us hope our experiments go well.

By Jack J, Alex, Ryan, Carl, Alan, Dylan W, Luke, Abhishek, Tommy (our chief editor!), Jack B, Jordan, Stephen, Dylan M, Mason

One Response to “Mini Scientists in Fourth Class”

  1. ryan mccormack
    11:15 pm on December 4th, 2013

    I had a great time doing the science project.:)

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