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3 Oct

Tomorrow is World Animal Day.

World Animal Day is celebrated each year on October the 4th. On this day we celebrate our animals. We have lots of pets and we love learning about different animals. We have World Animal Day because the 4th of October is the feast day of Francis of Assisi who was a lover of animals. Some people will bless their animals tomorrow.

We remind everyone that animals need to be treated well and looked after with love.

To celebrate World Animal Day we had peer writing and drawing with the younger and older children in school. We invented our own animals. What do you think?

ps. Some classes have pyjama day today so that is why they are in PJs!

animal 2 animal 1


Our animal is called Ryan.

He is a lion shark.

He has the body of a lion with the teeth of shark.

He can stay under the water for two weeks!

He can eat anything!

You find him in south east of Kenya.

-Sam and Jamie


Our animal is called FlyDonkCat!

He is a carniverous mutated donkey that can fly!

He is the size of a donkey but he looks like a cat with a rats tail and an Italian moustache!

His favourite food is tacos and crabs!

He was made in a science lab.

-Leon and Ryan


Our animal is called Donkyliz!

He is half lizard and half donkey!

He is brave and a good fighter. He has sharp teeth and a hairy tail and spikes to protect him!

His favourite food is spinach!

You’d find him in the woods of Ireland.

-Aaron, Ben and Cody


Our animal is called Caterhorse!

He has a horse’s body, a cat’s legs, rabbit tail and lion tail!

He can only run one mile an hour but can keep going for hours!

His favourite food is pizza!

You can find on the Great Wall of China or the Himalayas.

-Luke McK, Andy and Dylan


Our animal is called a Cog!

He is a mixture of a half dog, half cat!

He’s very ugly and has three left feet. He is very friendly but if you are mean to him, he will bite you.

His favourite food is porridge and tea!

You will find him hanging around with other cats and dogs.

-Oisín, Alan and Dean T


Our animal is called a Rayman!

He is a half cat, half dog!

He has lots of hair, he is very long and he has 9 legs. He is covered in spots and stripes!

His favourite food is sausages! He likes to drink 7up.

You’d find him on Dead Island.

-Johnny, Dean D and Jack


Our animal is called HorseDog!

He is half a horse, half a dog!

He has the head of a dog and the body of a horse. He is very loyal!

His favourite food is pizza!

You’d find him in Africa.

-Robert, Davy and Dylan Fitz


Our animal is called BatCatFat!

He is part elephant, part cat, part bat!

He has tubby cheeks and a fat head.

His favourite food is anything!

You’d find him in Africa.

-Ameesh, Andrei and Kayden


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  1. Oisin
    7:42 pm on October 17th, 2013

    That day was class and the pictures were so funny!

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