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15 May


Sixth class were recently visited by Jacqui from YoungBiz.

2013-05-15 11.43.06

First we talked about the qualities that make an entrepreneur – like ‘self-starter’, ‘risk-taker’, ‘creative’, ‘problem-solver’, ‘smart’ and ‘persistent’.

Next, we focused on the rewards and risks of being an entrepreneur. Ryan focused on the financial rewards, Junior was interested in making friends, Pearse said that it’d be great to be doing something and Luke wanted people to know about him and look up to him.

Then, we concentrated on where ideas come from. We focused on problems that people experience and how they could be fixed. We then looked at our talents and how we could use them. The boys pointed out that Tautvydas is excellent at fixing computers and could have a services business, which is one type of business. The other type of business is a products business, which involves selling items.

We then focused on our customer demographic. For example, for a car-wash, the demographic would be an adult and might have spare money, but not enough time to wash their cars. The boys then suggested places that they might be able to target their customer demographic – for example shopping centres, supermarkets and schools.

Next, we learned about our competitors. If we were investigating our competitors, we would have to find out about price, what they’re doing for the price, special offers, opening times and how popular they are.

Jacqui gave us all the tools to set up our own business. If you were facing the dragons, what product or service would you try to persuade them to invest in?

2 Responses to “Entrepreneur workshop in 6th class”

  1. Adam Macko
    10:47 am on May 23rd, 2013

    After the meeting with Jacqui I had loads of ideas for making money.

  2. Jake O'Brien
    10:48 am on May 23rd, 2013

    Someday we will be the dragons instead of the entrepreneurs!!!!! 🙂 🙂

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