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13 Feb


St. Peter’s BNS is a school with eighty-four students and eight teachers. Our school is on Hawthorn Rd. in Little Bray. Most of our students are from the area. Our teachers are Ms. Brennan, Ms. Sexton, Ms. Sugrue, Ms. Byrne, Mr. Curran, Mr. Kinsella and Mr. Foley. Our principal is Ms. Whyte. We have many staff in our school including Ms. Flanagan, Paddy, Karen, Les, Lily and Mrs. Murphy. Everyone works really hard to make our school a very nice place to be. We love it here. It is very colourful and we get to do all of our favourite things, such as sport and art. Our school work is extremely important to us and we always try our best. We participate in many school events and love to take part.

This blog will be written by the pupils of St. Peter’s and we hope you enjoy hearing about day-to-day life in St. Peter’s!

By Adam Macko (6th Class)