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24 Jun










Last Friday we said goodbye to Lily, our lovely cleaner and friend. Lily always had a moment for everyone and was a constant cheerful face in the corridor. We’ll really miss having her in our school and we hope that she enjoys more time to herself and some special time with her family. It is so well deserved. We know that we’ll always remember Lily and we look forward to seeing her in and out of school, in her new role as full-time Supernanny!

We’ll miss you Lily. 🙂

24 Jun

Thanks for giving us your hat and your lighthouse Mr. Curran!

2nd Class will really miss Mr. Curran. We decided to interview him to remember all the important things he has taught us about his life. We hope you enjoy his answers!


1. Where are you from? (Adam)
I am from County Dublin, but I have worked in Bray for 18 years!

2. Where did you go to school? (Chris)
I went to school in St. Laurence’s in Kilmacud and there were 50 boys in my class. I started 2nd Class on the 1st July, 1963.

3. What was primary school like? (Finn)
It was very like St. Peter’s. All of the teachers were men though. We had old fashioned desks with ink-wells.

4.What was your favourite class? (John)
I loved 4th Class. I had a very nice teacher who taught us interesting things!

5. Who was your favourite teacher?
I really liked my 4th Class teacher, Mr. Gallagher. He was a kind man and he liked teaching us interesting things.


21 Jun

As we arrive at the end of June, we start looking back over the year so far. This has been an extremely busy year in St Peter’s!

Aside from our annual Christmas play, Discover Primary Science work and various sporting events, we had Mr Vance’s tea party, Film Club’s tribute to Mr Curran, the jungle themed artwork and Roots of Empathy for 2nd class. And that’s only to mention a few!

What was your favourite memory of 2012-2013?

21 Jun

Here are a few photos of the fantastic work that was done by the boys and girls of Hollyoaks Montessori. The Montessori has been in the school for over sixteen years and we are delighted that they are going to remain here as part of our new school development. Susan and Gretta have worked very hard all year and took great pride in watching their little students graduate yesterday. A special thanks also to Susan for helping us to prepare for our end of year celebration on Tuesday.



21 Jun

Thank you to everyone who supported our recent Sponsored Walk. We walked to Shanganagh Park and back and every class had a wonderful time. We even got a little sunshine and had a lovely picnic! It was a great success and we managed to raise €1,120. This money will go towards buying equipment for use in the school. We are so grateful for each and every donation and we’d like to thank our parents and families for being a constant source of support when we run fundraising events. Please have a look at the pictures of the day – can you spot anyone you know?










21 Jun

As many of you are aware, Mr Curran is retiring next week. To mark the occasion, we organised a number of events. Yesterday, we had a jam-packed afternoon of celebrations for Mr Curran. During the afternoon, we presented the ‘Mr Curran award for handwriting’. Each student handed up a sample of their handwriting. Mr Curran chose a winner for each class (these will be announced at prizegiving next week) and then chose Senior and Junior overall winners.

The Senior Winner for 2013 was Luke Kelly from 6th class. Luke has beautiful handwriting – Ms Sexton has often wished that she could turn it into a font for Microsoft Word!


The Junior Winner for 2013 was Abhishek Sunny from 3rd class. Ms Whyte praised Abhishek’s copies, which are always neat and beautifully presented.


14 Jun

3rd Class have been really busy throughout the year. Here they are, in front of some of the poems they have written. Can you recognise the smiling faces?

3rd Class

The adorable cheeky chappies from 3rd Class!

Here are some marvellous examples of our procedural writing! We had to create our own medicine recipes and describe how we would make them.

3rd Class 2

We loved creating our own versions of George’s Marvellous Medicine!


14 Jun



Hi everyone! You might remember that we entered the Discover Primary Science Awards and that we displayed our project here on this site.

We were absolutely delighted to receive our plaque to honour our participation in the awards. Well done to all of the classes for all the work you put in. It’s an amazing achievement and we look forward to putting our award up on the wall.

Representatives from 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th Class with the award.

Representatives from 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th Class with the award.

13 Jun

Our Cup Final Match Report

By Archie & Johnny

After all the tension between Spain and Germanys match, it led to PENALTIES. Oh yes, it was time for penalties!  St. Peters Mini World Cup 2013 had gone to the wire. All the teams taking part were eager to see who would receive the gold. The tension was rising.

64 players were watching by their countries side hoping for a good win. It was 21 degrees on Friday and sweat was dripping from our wet faces. It was up to Jake to score one goal to put Spain in the lead. It all worked out, Jake shot the ball through the air and slipped past Juniors fingers and into the bottom right corner of the nets and a roaring cheer followed on after the goal.

Copy of IMG_7695



12 Jun

Sixth class had a great day out recently on their trip to the Viking Splash Tour in Dublin City Centre. After meeting at the school nice and early, we caught the bus into the city and began an epic game of Eye Spy, which lasted for most of the day. We hoped to visit the National Museum before our transformation into Vikings, but as it was closed, we went to St Stephen’s Green and played a game of football in the sunshine – both students and staff were watching each other carefully, with the student-teacher soccer match in mind!

DSC_8353 (more…)