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26 Feb

For the last number of weeks, Ms Brennan and Ms Sexton have been organising an after-school club to prepare for the Creative Schools. We’re working on a collection of stop-motion animations to show the greatest moments of invention and discoveries. It’s called the ‘A-ha Moments Project’ and we can’t wait to show you all of our hard work. So far, we’ve chosen our moments of discovery, storyboarded our animation, written the scripts and started to build with clay. Next, we need to film! Here’s a sneak peek at some of our work so far, courtesy of Patryk from... 

25 Jan

A week full of Roots of Empathy, Write a Book and podcasts for you this week! Let’s get started: Sixth class recorded an excerpt of the ‘I have a dream’ speech for Martin Luther King day. You can listen to it here. 4th class posted some astounding facts on Twitter this week about dangerous creatures. The Mermaid Theatre were very impressed:   @StPetersBray we are a bit scared of all your spidery facts! Eeek! 🙂 — Mermaid Arts Centre (@mermaidarts) January 21, 2014   2nd class had Roots of Empathy with Baby T this week. You can watch the Animoto of his visit here. Fifth... 

18 Jan

Welcome to the 10th edition of the ‘St Peter’s Post’ and it’s absolutely packed! This week saw ‘Write A Book’ in full swing, the Virtual Science Fair continued and there were a number of fantastic podcasts. It was also a very busy week for comments on the blog – students and teachers loved reading every single one! Our Virtual Science Fair continued this week with the following projects from 6th class: This project from Billy, Keane and Kevin asks ‘Can one hand react quicker than the other?’ ‘Can we make a lightbulb light up without... 

20 Nov

In October, a video showing the history of Ireland in 6 minutes took the Internet by storm. We posted it here on our blog and 5th class were so impressed by it that we contacted John Ruddy, the maker of the video, to ask him if he’d do a quick Q&A on animation. We have a really exciting project coming up in the New Year related to Science and Animation, and Leon and Eduard already showed off their stop-motion skills as part of Culture Night here. John Ruddy kindly agreed to answer any questions and we started thinking about the questions we wanted to know about animation. We were interested... 

11 Sep

Every year, Culture Night takes place in late September. This year, it’s on the 20th of September – a Friday. It’s an amazing night where you can access venues and events around the country for free. Although all events are free, some may need to be booked in advance – which is why we’re drawing attention to them nice and early!  

23 Apr

  Hi, I’m Dillon Ebbs and I’m in 6th Class. Every year, St. Peter’s BNS participates in the BT Young Scientist Competition. Most people don’t know this, but the BT Young Scientist has a primary section called the ‘Primary Science Fair’. We have entered this for many years and our projects have been about many things including a study on lifeboats, the physics of the Funfair and how chocolate is made.