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8 Oct

Reading Corner

“In 3rd Class we have a new reading area in our classroom which includes a tent and soft mats to sit on. We love the tent and look forward to our reading time each day when we have an opportunity to read our library books” – Chris and John.

8 Oct

Marrog photo

3rd class boys recently really enjoyed studying the poem – The Marrog by R.C. Scriven.  The poem is about an alien called The Marrog, who has come to visit planet Earth.

Who is the Marrog?

“The Marrog is from the planet Mars and is seven foot tall! He has purple hair and a deep blue nose. His teeth are half yellow, half red and he has three eyes at the back of his head. The Marrog has five arms and can breathe green flames from his ears! He sits at the back of the class and nobody, nobody knows.” – Cathál

What might happen if there was an alien at the back of our 3rd class?

“Our whiteboard might fall, the ceiling would crack and Ms. Byrne would faint I suppose!” – Szymon and Finn

Who knows, maybe he was secretly at our open day and will someday join one of our classes in St. Peters!

Check back tomorrow for an audio of the boys reading the poem!

8 Oct


Myspace Banner GeneratorIn the next post about our after-school clubs, we’d like to introduce our Monday and Tuesday clubs which are based on the creative arts.

On Monday, Michelle will be taking a group of 2nd and 3rd Class students and they will enjoy a range of drama, games, cookery and other fun activities.

On Tuesday, Greg will take the same age group for a range of different art activities.

Both groups will work from Ms. Sugrue’s room. It costs nothing, you just need to come with your best effort and creativity hat on. All are welcome! Make sure to ask your teacher if you are interested!

7 Oct
7 Oct

7 Oct

Can’t see the video? Click here!

4 Oct

We’re very proud to announce that Ciara Brennan, our second class teacher, has been asked to give a presentation at tonight’s CESImeet in Dublin. CESI is the Computers in Education Society of Ireland, a topic very important to us all in Peter’s – you can find out more about CESI here Ms Brennan is well-known in the school as the first with all the latest developments in ICT and she was the one who set up our blog! She’s going to speak about podcasting in the classroom – you can find some examples of podcasting on our blog  here , here and here. Congratulations, Ms. Brennan!



4 Oct

This week we’ve been taking part in the #anfomhar project – an amazing way to start our Twitter adventures!

Here’s a short summary of the contribution made by 5th class this week! 2nd class also took part in the project – you can listen to their excellent podcast here and see their helicopter spinning Animoto here. There are also many fantastic pictures and observations from other schools around Ireland under #anfomhar on Twitter.

Our exit ticket on Tuesday was 'name one sign of Autumn'.

Our exit ticket on Tuesday was ‘name one sign of Autumn’.


3 Oct

Tomorrow is World Animal Day.

World Animal Day is celebrated each year on October the 4th. On this day we celebrate our animals. We have lots of pets and we love learning about different animals. We have World Animal Day because the 4th of October is the feast day of Francis of Assisi who was a lover of animals. Some people will bless their animals tomorrow.

We remind everyone that animals need to be treated well and looked after with love.

To celebrate World Animal Day we had peer writing and drawing with the younger and older children in school. We invented our own animals. What do you think?

ps. Some classes have pyjama day today so that is why they are in PJs!

animal 2 animal 1


Our animal is called Ryan.

He is a lion shark.

He has the body of a lion with the teeth of shark.

He can stay under the water for two weeks!

He can eat anything!

You find him in south east of Kenya.

-Sam and Jamie


Our animal is called FlyDonkCat!

He is a carniverous mutated donkey that can fly!

He is the size of a donkey but he looks like a cat with a rats tail and an Italian moustache!

His favourite food is tacos and crabs!

He was made in a science lab.

-Leon and Ryan


2 Oct