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25 May

What is Paddy doing with a sweeping brush? Watch the latest PE with Paddy video to find out!  

22 May

Today we’re moving like animals – let us know what exercises you find the toughest in the comments! Well done Bethany and thanks for showing us how it’s done!  

14 May

Here’s the latest post from Paddy. The last few days, we’ve been working on hand-eye co-ordination here and balance here. Today, we have a few fun challenges for you! Let us know how you get on in the comments!  

11 May

Happy Monday – today we’re working on balance! Let us know in the comments how you’re getting on!  

6 May

Welcome to another one of Paddy’s videos. This one is a special one to develop your hand eye co-ordination. Let us know in the comments how you get on!  

28 Apr

This week is Active Home week and we’re encouraging all of our students to get active and stay active at home! You can find more information on Active Home Week here. Paddy has another great video full of games and ideas for activities – thanks to his helper Bethany too! Let us know in the comments how you’re keeping active at the moment!  

24 Apr

Well done to everyone who got involved with Paddy’s last PE challenge – he has a new one today if you’re up to it! Paddy got 59 (which is what he was aiming for apparently!) so if you get one every second, you’ll beat him! Let us know how you get on in the comments…  

21 Apr

Paddy is back after Easter with three challenges to improve your skills! Let us know if you managed them and tell us what sport you chose to improve. If you’re an Irish dancer, Paddy would love to hear your 100 rep challenge ideas!  

31 Mar

There are two part to Paddy’s P.E. today so make sure to click on the two images below and don’t forget to leave a comment.        

25 Mar

Click on the image below to view Paddy’s first P.E workout. Many thanks to his “little helper” too who is a Junior Infant. Please comment below about what you liked or didn’t like or what exercise you found the easiest and most difficult. It is really important that you continue to exercise while the school is off. If you want you can share your workout with your teacher on Class Dojo and we will post some of them on the blog.