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9 Sep

A HUGE congratulations to Ella and Amber – the girls were our very first trophy winners having received the most points in the class this week. Ella and Amber were STARS this week – they put their hand up when they needed to ask a question, they were kind to others in the class and worked well as a part of their table teams. They also sang along to our new Irish and class songs and walked so well in their line. Finally, the girls took such good care with all their work. They coloured inside the lines and did their very best to join the dots and continue their patterns on their handouts. Well... 

29 Aug

Today, we had our First Day in St. Peter’s and what a day it was! We were so brave this morning and found our seats so quickly. We were happy to make new friends and learn each others names. We had a special treat and used paint to make our hand prints – you can see them on display in our classroom! We started doing some work on Goldilocks and the Three Bears. We loved the story and are learning a new song about the large, medium and small  sized bears in the story. We have beautiful singing voices! We hope you like our pictures in our beautiful frame. We are excited for the year...