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11 May

🌼Sunday, 10th of May was a special day that our second class students had been looking forward to. It would have been their First Holy Communion Day. For now, this date has been postponed but we put together this video to celebrate the occcasion! 🌼All of us are really looking forward to this day in the near future but for now, have a look to see some familiar faces with a special message! Click here: or watch below!   

22 Dec

Discover Primary Science 2nd Class Lesson Brief Summary of our STEM Experiment: Stimulus/Rationale: Recently, 2nd class wanted to investigate different methods of transport for Santa Claus. This was stimulated by a question I posed to the class, ‘If the reindeer went on strike on Christmas Eve how would Santa Claus travel to deliver presents to all the boys and girls?’ We brainstormed some alternatives coming up with rockets, flying cars, jet-pack’s, wings etc. however a quick and feasible alternative we agreed would be a parachute. Task: Design and build a parachute for... 

1 May

First Class have been having great fun programming Bee-Bots over the past few days. Bee-Bots are floor robots that we can code to move around. We have been using them to practice our tables and number work in maths. These number lines have also been useful when practicing counting in Irish.         We have also been building mazes for Bee-Bot. We love challenging each other when building mazes. We think they are a-MAZE-ing 🙂         We have been practicing using a Bee-Bot mat. We use challenge cards which show us pictures of where we want Bee-Bot to start and where we want Bee-Bot... 

1 May

First Class have been learning all about hot air balloons in SESE. Firstly we all shared what we know about hot air balloons already and looked at pictures of different hot air balloons. We then watched videos of hot air balloons in action and were all amazed at how they moved through the sky. We began asking lots of questions about hot air balloons such as ‘Why are they called hot air balloons?’ and ‘How do hot air balloons float in the sky?’. From watching the videos we were very interested in the use of fire to heat the air in the envelope of the hot air balloon. We decided... 

13 Oct

First Class completed their first STEM activity this week.  We have been learning all about houses and homes in SESE and completed a STEM activity based on that. We read the story of the three little pigs and talked about the different materials used in each house. The class were then presented with a challenge. Their challenge question was: ‘Can your team design and build a house that the big, bad wolf cannot blow down?’ The children split into six teams. Two teams made a house from straw (plastic straws), two teams made a house from wood (lollipop sticks) and two teams made a house from... 

9 Sep

We’ve had a busy week in First Class so far this year! We took pictures on our first day. We can’t wait to look back on these at the end of the year to see how much we have grown.                                              First Class are very good at jigsaws!      We made minions in art. First class are definitely one in a “minion!” 🙂         

11 Jun

On the 31st of May Senior Infants went on their very first school tour to Glenroe Farm. We had such an amazing day at the petting area, fairy walk and the play ground.  Just look at all the smiling faces in our lovely photos .     

26 Apr

In Senior Infants we were learning all about what happens to the flowers and plants in Spring time. We decided to grow our very own little seed pots in our classroom. First we had a class discussion on: What does a plant need to grow? Are any of these things more important than the others? What happens if a plant doesn’t get enough water, heat, light or food? Can a plant get too much of a good thing? What might happen if it does? How similar are plants to people? What do we need if we’re going to grow up strong?   YOU WILL NEED: Seeds Plant pots A bag of compost Water Our Instructions  Place... 

12 Nov

The whole school took part in our Green Schools Action Day on Friday the 10th of November.  We dressed in Green and all classes took part in lessons and activities around the theme of litter and waste.  We also focused on our school garden and we looked at improving this area. Junior Infants created a town called Juniorville using recyclable materials they gathered from home. Senior Infants gathered recyclable materials, sorted and classified them before creating their own junk art inventions. 1st class planted some seeds for our school garden.  These included peas, brocolli and rocket which... 

6 Oct

We were learning all about Patterns this week, so we decided to brighten up our yard with some colourful chalk drawings #SeniorInfants