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16 Mar

Third class are doing a project on teddy bears. Junior infants were all so excited when they were asked to participate! Third class prepared some questions to ask junior infants about their teddy bears. This boy loves his minion teddy! This third class boy has some great interview questions prepared. Concentrating very hard! Third class asked junior infants where they got their teddy bears, what their teddy bear’s name was and who played with them and their teddy bears. Third class prepared some great questions and junior infants answered them so well! Junior Infants also told third class... 

15 Mar

Last week third class came into the junior infant classroom to do their reading with them. Every junior infant read their book to a boy or girl from third class. Third class asked junior infants some questions that they had prepared with their teacher. The third class boys and girls were careful not to tell the junior infants what the word was in the book but to help them sound it out. All the boys and girls had great fun and learned a lot! Well done junior infants and third class!  

11 Mar

Junior Infants did a fun science project! We went fishing with magnets! This was for our part in the school’s Discover Primary Science and Maths award. Before we could go fishing however, we had lots to learn. First we learned the difference between wood and metal. A spoon is made from metal. This peg is made from wood but has some metal in the middle keeping it together. Cool! We learned that kettles, cars and scissors have metal in them. We saw that chairs, tables and rolling pins are made out of wood. We filled out this sheet to show teacher that we could tell which objects are made out... 

9 Mar

  Last Thursday was World Book Day! We all dressed up as our favourite character from a book! Lauren won best costume in Junior Infants! Junior Infants have been doing really well with their sounds, words and reading and we love taking our readers home to read them with our Mums, Dads, Grannies and Grandads. We love books!  

7 Mar

We all dressed up! The #studentcouncil would like to thank everybody for dressing up for #WBD2015! We are going to post school picture collages now! — St. Peter's Primary (@StPetersBray) March 5, 2015 6th Class dress-up for #WBD2015! #DorkDiaries — St. Peter's Primary (@StPetersBray) March 5, 2015 More 6th Class dress up! #WBD2015 #DiaryofaWimpyKid — St. Peter's Primary (@StPetersBray) March 5, 2015 2nd class are a Mr Men (and little Miss) library for #wbd2015 We've been busy making costumes this week!... 

19 Feb

We have been so well behaved and working so hard lately that our teacher brought us outside to blow bubbles! Look at the fun we had!                                                                          

3 Feb

Junior and Senior Infants have been learning about the post office during Aistear. We have been learning what our address is, we have been learning that we put our address on letters and parcels that you send off in the post. We have been learning what stamps are too.   We had a very exciting visit from Trevor the postman last week. We asked him loads of questions like “where do you get the letters?” Trevor told us that another postman collects the letters and sends them to Dublin. The people in Dublin send them back to Bray and Trevor delivers them! We asked them what happens... 

26 Jan

The junior and senior infants are very excited as we are getting a pom pom dancing club at lunchtime once a week! Shake the pom poms down!   The four amazing sixth class girls are going to be our teachers! We listened really well! Bring the pom poms back up! The sixth class girls have been doing pom pom dancing outside of school and can’t wait to show us what they know! They are so kind and patient with us and we are lucky to have them! So much fun! Check out some of our Vines from our class! We will have one more go of our pom pom dancing class and then we will be getting our pom... 

25 Jan

Junior and Senior Infants have been learning about the Gardai during Aistear. The Gardai were so kind and let us try on their hats! We have been learning a lot about the Gardai and the important job that they do. looking good! We learned that if we get lost when we are out we can go to a Garda and ask him or her to help us find our Mum or Dad. During the week Garda Tom and Garda Adam came in to visit us. We were able to ask them lots of questions. We were very good and put our hands up! Garda Tom and Garda Adam were really nice and told us all about the important job that they do. We knew something... 

19 Jan

Fantastic work! Well done to this great boy who knows all his 42 jolly phonics sounds. Keep up the good work Junior Infants!