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8 Nov

While learning about different jobs that people do in Senior Infants we decided to think about what we would like to be when we grow up. There were lots of brilliant suggestions! Some boys and girls wanted to be vets, bus drivers and painters while others wanted to be doctors and nurses. We wrote down what our dream job would be and why. We then decided to put our work into envelopes and posted them to the school. We had to include the school address and put a stamp on each envelope. After learning about the job of a postman we knew that our letters would arrive soon! We were really excited when... 

28 Sep

Hello everyone! We hope you are enjoying the first few weeks of school! We have been very busy in Senior Infants and have been working very hard. We are getting used to our new jobs and classroom and have been getting to know our new pupils too. We have already learned about our local area, our family and ourselves and look forward to learning lots about different jobs people in our community do over the next couple of weeks. We have worked really well together during morning activities and started our Aistear programme. During Aistear we will learn about lots of different and interesting themes... 

9 Jun

Last Friday, we had a new twist on an old tradition on St Peter’s – the Mini-World Cup! You can read all about last year’s Mini-World Cup here. This year, we had three Mini World Cup tournaments – Junior and Senior Infants played in the morning, 1st and 2nd classes played between break and lunchtime and the older classes had their tournament after lunch. Here are a few photos and Vines from the day – and you can read more about the infant classes and their tournament here.      

4 Jun

Congratulations to this great boy and girl. They have been working hard and behaving well. Every time we try hard in junior infants we get a star. We then put the star on our star jar. Look how many stars these two have earned!  

30 May

Some nifty footwork skills there! This junior infant boy loves football!! Good save! Once a week the Junior and Senior Infants have a lunch time soccer club with teacher and the sixth class boys. The sixth class boys are unbelievable coaches, leaving teacher with lots of time to take photos! Yesterday Paddy organised a mini world cup day for us. The boys and girls from soccer club had great fun showing off their skills on the field and everybody had lots of fun. Thanks Paddy for mini world cup day and thanks a million to the sixth class boys for their hard work, patience and superb coaching... 

10 May

arms up! shake them down! back up! Isn’t this fun? Strike a pose! We love practicing with our pom poms during pom pom dancing club! The 6th class girls are the best teachers ever! 🙂 We are improving every week!  

5 May

Congratulations to this great boy who knows all of the first 30 jolly phonics tricky words! He has been working hard at school and at home and it has paid off! Great work!  

1 May

Junior infants, Ms. Ní Chionnaith and Mr. Fitzsimons had lots of fun with music today. We sang “Hey Diddle Diddle, ” and “Humpty Dumpty,” and clapped the rhythm to the songs. We love music!!  

28 Apr

Thanks to everyone who made our open morning for Grandparents’ Day so special. It was lovely to have you visit our school. We had grandparents, neighbours, friends of the Parish and our Mams and Dads in to see our rooms, work and performance. We performed a couple of classics from previous shows and had a lovely time. Thanks to our Parents’ Association for their hard work and time spent serving tea, coffee and other lovely treats! We can’t wait for Grandparents’ Day 2016!  

23 Apr

On such a beautiful day, can you think of anything nicer to do than spend part of the morning gardening? Prepare to be very envious of our Junior Infants, Senior Infants and 2nd class students who started their Incredible Edibles project 2015 by planting a great selection of vegetables, fruit and potatoes. 2nd class had studied what to do in advance and prepared their vocabulary and each pairing from 2nd class worked with a small group from the infant classes to share their skills. We used words like ‘compost’, ‘seeds’, ‘roots’ and ‘plant’ and we...