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29 Apr

We all know that chocolate is delicious when it’s melted to make chocolate brownies, Easter eggs or chocolate sauce 😋. Fourth class decided to try to find out at what temperature chocolate melts at. The question we asked ourselves was:  Do all types of chocolate melt at the same temperature?


Step 1: To investigate our question we chose to use white, milk and dark chocolate and placed them into tin foil trays.

Step 2: We then made our predictions and estimates as to what temperature we thought each type of chocolate would melt at.


Step 3: We then carefully added warm water to the float the tin foil trays and gently heat them. Using a digital thermometer and a probe thermometer we kept a close eye on the temperature as the chocolate began to melt. We also used stopwatches to accurately measure the time it took the different chocolates to melt. We made sure to stir the chocolate gently as it melted.



Step 4: We observed each type of chocolate melt and wrote down our results. We used degrees Celsius (℃) for the temperature and minutes and seconds for the time. Can you guess what our findings were?

Conclusion: Turns out the dark chocolate melted much faster than the others. We made sure to taste them all though to make sure they were fully melted!



Curriculum Link: Materials – Materials and change – Heating and cooling – explore the effects of heating and cooling on a range of liquids, solids and gases


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